Rugged Wearable Computer
Portable Customizable Powered
SatCom & Wireless HotSpot System
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Small Rugged i7 Server
19" 1U x 9" deep


H2-5000 Handheld Computer: 

The H2 5000 is a true 64bit ultra-flexible rugged handheld computer. It’s impressive size is only 3.6” x 6.5”x 2.9” and features a removeable 2.5' harddrive, 800x1024 display and optional custom porting connectors. 

H2-5000 is a next-generation mobile ruggedized computer system designed for processing “Big Data”. The H2 5000 provides the most powerful and versatile alternative to a laptop, in a handheld solution available today. Spec Sheet PDFs

H2-5000 and WC-1000 Options

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