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Small Rugged i7 Server
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RR2P Rugged Removable-Canister Mobile RAID

RR2P™ Dual-Pluggable Canister RAID. Lightweight, 2U Rugged Canister Disk Array with 20 Disks. For Airborn, Shipboard and Ground Mobile Data Recorder. Rugged, Removable Canister RAID Series enables rapid removal of large data stores from reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Each of two pluggable canisters holds ten 2.5″ disks or SSDs. Spec Sheet PDF


Pluggable Canister RAID

  • Two canisters per 2U shelf
  • Canister holds ten 2.5” SFF disks or SSDs
  • Rated for 5,000 insertion cycles
  • Quick insertion/removal
  • Positive canister locking mechanism
  • Canister restraints for crash protection
  • Four 8 Gb Fire Channel ports
  • 5° to 40° C operating temperature
  • 2,200 MB read/2,000 MB write throughput

Connectivity, Capacity & Scalability

  • Supports 20 SAS or SSD 2.5” SFF disks
  • 17” wide  x 22″ deep for ease of mounting
  • Rackmount rail kits available
  • AC or DC power supplies
  • 2 GB controller cache

Reliabiliy & Serviceability

  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 data protection

Centralized & Remote Management

  • Manage via IP, SMTP, SNMP, RS-232, CLI

Designed to Meet Military Standards

  • MIL-STD-810F – Environmental
  • MIL-STD-901D – Shock and Vibration
  • MIL-STD-461E – EMI/RFI
  • MIL-STD-1686A – ESD

Designed as transportable data storage for mobile field use aboard planes, ships and ground transport, the RR2P is a lightweight aluminum 2U RAID disk array, weighing 48 pounds fully loaded, featuring two secure, yet easily removable disk canisters. Each canister holds 10 compact 2.5” Small Form Factor (SFF) disk drives with capacity up to 2 TB each and total system capacity to 40 TB. For speed, capacity and economy a variety of SAS and Solid State Disks (SSDs) are available in the 2.5” SFF size to meet varying needs. The RAID controller delivers up to 2,000 MB per second write throughput for rapid data recording and up to 2,200 MB per second for data reading and transfer from SAS disks.

In a typical surveillance application, the post-mission canisters with the critical images are easily removed and plugged into a ground station. Fresh canisters are immediately loaded into the mobile unit for rapid redeployment. All 10 disks in a canister are carried as a single unit by a handle for safe transport. Each canister locks into place with a positive locking lever. Reliable canister connectors are military grade for field usage. For personnel safety during deployment, the canisters are held by secure restraints for crash protection impact to 200G. Canister connecters are military grade and rated for 5,000 insertion cycles.

The RR2P has four 8 Gb Fibre Channel that can be user configured as dual ports per canister and offers options including AC or DC power supplies variety of disk and SSD storage alternatives. It is conveniently only 17” wide to mount with a variety of standard rackmount rails and offers optional base plate mounting screws for secure lockdown to the vehicle.

The RR2P is designed to facilitate rapid data transfer from mobile vehicles to ground stations. Importantly, the RR2P will operate at 40° C and at 10,000 foot pressurized attitudes. Variable speed fans provide cooling on demand while reducing noise and vibration at moderate ambient temperatures. A front-mounted LCD on each canister provides power, activity and status information.

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